Bath Islamic Society

Contact details:

8 Pierrepoint Sreet




Tel: 01225 460 922



Outline and history of organisation:

Bath Islamic Society was established in early nineties after brother Muzafar donated the building on 8 Pierrepont Street to the Muslim community in Bath. Five years later, to formalise the organisation, the society was registered to the Companies House as a limited company, so that the name became Bath Islamic Society Limited. A decade later, as the need for the organisation has grown, the society was registered to the Charity Commission.

Bath Islamic Society has established its reputation as an independent Muslim authority in the area, so that its decisions in regards with Islamic holiday and celebration dates are well respected by Muslim population within Bath and surrounding areas. Externally, it is also the only Islamic body recognised by the local government and its agencies. Representing Bath, the society also becomes a respected member of the Muslim Council of Britain. Furthermore, Bath Islamic Society has been appointed to train police and other city officers about Islam, its teaching and traditions to improve understanding and co-operation.

Service users

Although the services are aimed at Muslim followers, it is also open to all non- Muslims.

Mission statement:

The advancement of the Islamic Faith, the advancement of Islamic education and the provision of facilities for recreation and leisure time occupation in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the conditions of life of the Muslim Community in Bath and surrounding area.


Open hours: Open daily for prayer (see below)

Library consisting of vast collections of books in Arabic, English and other languages.

Computer room with seven computers, a scanner and a printer, is available for IT and language courses run by the society.

Hold the IQRA Islamic school

Arabic language classes

Education activities for women

Youth activities

Five prayer rooms are available for men and two prayer rooms are available for women.

Prayer services

Daily Prayer: The time is usually 15 minutes or earlier after the athan. If the Imam is not around, anyone with good reading of the Quran is welcome to lead the congregational prayers.

Friday Prayer: The prayer starts at 13:15 and ends not later than 13:45. Inshaallah this timing can give enough time for workers and students to return to their work and study in time.

Eid Prayer: The prayer starts at 09:30 and finishes at approximately 10:00. After the sermon, there will be some time (usually less than half an hour) for people to greet and hug each other while enjoying some free refreshment


Every third Saturday of each month the Mosque holds an open day, between 2.30-6.30pm.

Ramadan: During Ramadan, the mosque is virtually open 24 hours a day. All Ramadan activities are taking place in the mosque:

General information:

Bath Islamic Society

Companies in the UK: Bath Islamic Society Limited

Bath and North East Somerset: Funding and Commissioning

Bath Interfaith group newsletter 2009

Bath interfaith group newsletter 2010

Bath and North East Somerset: Bath Islamic Society is now holding a monthly Mosque open day February 2011

Rashad Azami (Imam and director of Bath Islamic Society): The Imam’s profile

Sheikh Rashad’s Blog

Al-Ehsan Foundation (an Islamic website he set up)

The Arrivals 17: Rashad Azami


Bath University Islamic Society (work in partnership)

As a relatively small university Islamic society,  BUIS has evolved into one of the most improved society at the University of Bath. This has been demonstrated by recently winning an award by the student union the most improved society 2008. This was not possible if it was not for the effort made by the executive committee members and members alike.

Bath Islamic Society:

Africa Advocacy Foundation: HIV Connecting with Faith: A Directory of Muslim organisations

Avon Fire and Rescue: Fire fighter’s team up with Bath Islamic Society to keep the community safe from fire March 2011

One world week 23-30 October 2011


Avon and Somerset Police authority 2004

Islamophobia 2004

Citizens advice bureau: Annual report 2004-2005 (Held a meeting with Islamascope)


David Matcham: Veils: What not to wear 2011

Newspaper articles:

The Bath Chronicle: Kidnapped journalist sings praised of Islam 25 February 2005

The Bath Chronicle: Stall provides insight into Muslim faith 7 August 2007

The Bath Chronicle: Lib Dem leadership hopeful backs multi faith society 15 November 2007

The Bath Chronicle: Imam seeks shared ideas 28 February 2008

This is Bath: Bath Islamic Society launches campaign to fund new mosque 17 June 2009

The Bath Chronicle: Campaign to Fund new mosque launch 18 June 2009

BBC: Muslims welcome police scarf move 27 July 2009

The Daily Mail: Very PC police force issues its WPCs with Muslim headscarves complete with badge for mosque visits 28 July 2009

The Guardian: A working life: The imam 15 August 2009

This is Bath: Bath Muslims join condemnation of war parade 4 January 2010

Other related resources:

Federation of future Islamic Societies: Higher Education Funding 2010

You tube links:

Paul declaring his Shahadah 1 June 2008

On the 12th of May 2008, Paul wanted to declare his Shahadah infront of his brothers at the Bath Islamic Society

The Arrivals 17: Rashad Azami



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