Black Development Agency (BDA)

Contact details:

The Black Development Agency

5 Russell Town Avenue

Bristol BS5 9LT

Tel: 0117 939 6645

Fax: 0117 9396646



Outline of organisation;

BDA is a Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) and a member of NAVCA whose goals is to empower Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities by building up  skills to enable a sustainable Black Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Sector.

BDA supports BME development through a range of activities and events at their offices in Bristol and in the wider West of England area.  They work in partnership with public and private sector partners to tackle social exclusion and provide a voice for underrepresented parts of the community.

Service users:

Everyone, but targets black and ethnic minority

Mission statement:

The Black Development Agency (BDA) empowers Black & Minority ethnic communities by building up their skills, ability and capacity to enable a sustainable Black Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Sector (BVCSES). BDA works:

To provide a high quality support service for a more empowered active and sustainable BVCSES in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

To support and develop potential and existing BVCSES organisations by providing quality services; capacity building; and ensuring access to quality training provision.

To act as a catalyst, exemplar and representational organisation for BVCSES organisations.

To join with others in taking a lead role on tackling social exclusion.

To provide infrastructural support for the successful development of the BVCSES through community development, empowerment and capacity building approaches.

As a Council for Voluntary Service (CVS), BDA undertake the following activities:

Capacity Building/Community Development (incl. Training)

Information, Advice & Support


Facilitating Networks and Representation

Funding & bid writing support


The Bright Project

The Black Development Agency manages the Bright Project. The purpose of the project is to work with Black and other Minority Ethnic (BME) voluntary sector organisations in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire to help to improve access to legal and benefits advice for their communities. It aims:

To improve the quantity and quality of advice centres for BME communities in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

To increase the number of BME agencies having the capacity and resources to offer direct advice services to BME communities.

To address the community languages advice needs within BME communities and reduce the need for interpreting services.

To address the specific advice needs of refugee communities.

To ensure effective networking and linkages between BME communities and all other advice providers in Bristol & South Gloucestershire and develop effective referral systems.


The Black Development Agency facilitates the Consortium of Black Groups (COBG) and its related BME networks, undertaking consultations on a variety of issues and topics relevant to the sector.


The State Of Independence

A research study into independence and the Compact (published Sep 08) The report, undertaken on behalf of the Commission for the Compact, is the initial outcome of the first part of this work. Rocket Science was commissioned to look at a sample of eight central government departments in order to assess their understanding of and commitment to the Compact, particularly on the issue of the sector’s independence and its right to campaign. The focus of the research has been on the eight departments, but the report’s findings and recommendations are anticipated to be useful across central government as well as its various Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs). Introduction to the BME Compact Code … a framework for joint working Black and Minority Ethnic Voluntary and Community Organisations Code of Good Practice The BME Compact Code provides a framework for joint working towards race equality that gives the BME sector an increased voice, and more effective support and resources.


The Funding Advisers Network West of England (FANWoE) provides a forum where funding advice workers can share information, practical knowledge, expertise, increase and promote co-ordination between different levels, develop relationships and learn from each other. It provides training on Fund Raising, works towards quality assurance in advice work, and advises on techniques for lobbying on behalf of groups.

The network meets once a quarter in various locations around the region, often with speakers from trusts and foundations, statutory and private sector Funders.

For further information and to sign up to the network contact Balbir Nirwan from Black Development Agency on 0117 939 645 or

Leonardo Da Vinci

The Leonardo da Vinci Programme funds practical projects in the field of vocational education and training. Initiatives range from those giving individuals work-related training abroad to large-scale co-operation efforts.

Part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme, this programme funds many different types of activities of varying scales. These include ‘mobility’ initiatives enabling people to train in another country, co-operation projects to transfer or develop innovative practices, and networks focusing on topical themes in the sector.

The people able to benefit from the programme range from trainees in initial vocational training, to people who have already graduated, as well as VET professionals and anyone from organizations active in this field.


Black Development Agency: Annual Reports

Black Development agency: Policy Briefings

Black Development Agency: E-Newsletter

Bristol compact


Evaluation of Voluntary and Community Sector Capacity-building Fund July 2005

Improving REACH Report 2006…/Improving%20Reach/…/Final_Improving_Reach...

Partnership Project Report 2008

Black Development Agency: REACH Event Report 20 June 2009

Leonardo da Vinci: Case Study Report on the Black Development Agency 2010

Empowerment works in the SouthWest: Black Development Agency October 2010


Development agency: Equality and Diversity in Adult Community Learning 2002

Home Office Research Report: Joining Forces: The Black and Ethnic Minority  Twinning Initiative 2003

Mapping the needs of ethnic minorities in Bath and North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire 2006


Newspaper/ articles:

Bristol Evening Post: RECRUITING FAIR FOR INNER CITY: Bid to break down race barriers(September 1, 1999)

Bristol Evening Post: Monira to head agency(January 10, 2000)

Bristol Evening Post: Share of GBP60m on offer to groups(January 31, 2000)

Bristol Evening Post: Black Development Agency’s offices(February 23, 2000)

Bristol Evening Post: REVEALED: RAVI’S DREAM PALACE: Cultural centre hope for Harbourside(February 23, 2000)

Bristol Evening Post: SEMINAR TACKLES RACISM AT WORK: Neville Lawrence joins city meeting(February 23, 2000)

Bristol Evening Post: Ethnic centre revamp begins(March 21, 2000)

Bristol Evening Post:WE’RE READY FOR ACTION TO BOOST OUR SCHOOLS(September 23, 2000)

Bristol Evening Post:Taking your needs to heart(January 8, 2001)

Bristol Evening Post:‘Help us keep our services’(January 16, 2001)

Bristol Evening Post:CAMPAIGN TO TRAIN MORE CHILD CARERS(January 19, 2001)

Bristol Evening Post:Talks over New Deal at heart of area(January 22, 2001)

Bristol Evening Post:GRANT WILL HELP MINORITIES(May 11, 2001)

Bristol Evening Post:Training day for city job hunters(May 15, 2001)

Bristol Evening Post:Council’s new jobs teach-in(May 21, 2001)

Bristol Evening Post: Armed Police Are Here To Stay(January 24, 2003)

Bristol Evening Post: Fear Over Armed Police Presence(January 24, 2003)

Bristol Evening Post: Ethnic Groups Should Apply Now(January 28, 2003)

Bristol Evening Post: Agency Offers Groups Advice(February 21, 2003)

Bristol Evening Post: Cash To Aid Black Groups(February 21, 2003)

Bristol Evening Post: ‘I’M Helping To Provide Lotto Funds’(March 20, 2003)

Bristol Evening Post: BBC drama whips up ‘racism’ storm(June 11, 2003)

Bristol Evening Post: Media creatives pool talents to offer film-making solutions(August 12, 2003)

Bristol Evening Post: Giving your time helps everyone(October 15, 2003)

Bristol Evening Post: ‘Fair to offer funding advice(October 16, 2003)

Bristol Evening Post: Help on hand for young(December 23, 2003)

Bristol Evening Post: New role for chief sacked by charity(January 10, 2004) ,

Bristol Evening Post: Co-operative course(January 23, 2004)

Bristol Evening Post: Arts centre bid at derelict building wins GBP2m grant(January 20, 2005)

Bristol Evening Post: Joint effort to help job chances(February 16, 2005)

Bristol Evening Post: Minorities’ help project is launched(June 9, 2005)

Bristol Evening Post: Ajanu’s footballing mission to Ghana(July 30, 2005)

Bristol Evening Post: Pioneering scheme for personal health help(August 12, 2005)

Bristol Evening Post: Family were in vehicle as thug smashed window at traffic lights(August 19, 2005)

Bristol Evening Post: Sikh’s car attacked by racist(August 19, 2005)

Bristol Evening Post: Families celebrate launch of supplementary school(November 12, 2005)

Bristol Evening Post: Funding for black projects(January 4, 2006)

Bristol Evening Post: Proprietor blows his top(January 6, 2006)

Bristol Evening Post: Why should we apologise?(May 16, 2006)

Bristol Evening Post: Somali accuses employer of racism(November 2, 2006)

Bristol Evening Post: Tastebuds taken on a world tour(December 13, 2006)

Bristol Evening Post: Drink driver’s court no-show(April 26, 2007)

Bristol Evening Post: Jesse Jackson to visit Bristol(August 17, 2007)

Bristol Evening Post: Relief that Caribbean relatives are safe(August 21, 2007)

Bristol Evening Post: Veteran benn joins slavery ceremony(October 13, 2007)

 Bristol Evening Post: Night when awards will be the hottest property(October 30, 2007) Bristol Evening Post: United front to tackle racism in city(November 9, 2007)

Bristol Evening Post: Honoured for tributes to black heroes(December 4, 2007)

Bristol Evening Post: Keepingthe citymoving(February 19, 2008)

Bristol Evening Post: Forging links with Muslims(March 17, 2008)

Bristol Evening Post: Event to bridge cultural divide(June 25, 2008)

Bristol Evening Post: Tories say sanctuary city bid lacks support(February 3, 2010)






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