Brokering Relationships

BSWN hosts conferences and meetings that are specifically designed to provide opportunities and spaces for BME led organisations to meet with a develop relationships with other agencies, and to provide a mechanism for two-way engagement. It is essential to understand that within this dynamic, key local, regional and national agencies do not have the internal expertise to successfully engage with the BME sector in a manner that ensure adequate voice, and appropriate service delivery mechanisms for the BME communities. As such, BSWN facilitates the dialogue through which these objectives can be delivered.

BSWN has hosted collaborative conferences on the Transforming Rehabilitation Agenda; the VCSE Health Review; and consultations on the Young Review as they pertain to the Bristol context.

BSWN also delivers specific engagement and awareness projects such as the Heritage Lottery funded Back to the Future, Race through the Generations, and the Somali Diaspora Identity Project all of which bring organisations and communities together to develop understandings and enhance relationship development.