Releasing Organizational Agency

For many years, talk about developing the BME sector has revolved around building capacity, which in turn has translated into providing basic training programmes and resources for BME organisations. BSWN takes a different approach to this issue, as we recognise that the notion of capacity building is a deficit model and infers an implicit inequitable power dynamic that is disadvantageous to the development of the sector.

Instead, BSWN seeks to release the agency that is inherent within individuals and organisations in the BME sector through facilitating opportunities for individuals and organisations to realise their ideas by using BSWN’s infrastructure to act as an incubation function for the social enterprises, and through creating spaces in which they can utilise their agency within the context of mainstream discourses on race equality and other social issues. This is done through a combination of expert mentoring, relationship brokering, securing resources on behalf of organisations, working with social investors to tap into private sector resources to address social challenges and the facilitation of meetings, conferences, and consultations.