Research & Intelligence

BSWN firmly believes that policy development should be data and information driven. Equally, BSWN is committed to the development of the knowledge base on race equality in general. As such, BSWN has strong ties with the University of Bristol through its connections with the School of Politics and International Studies, and through a burgeoning relationship with Dr Josie Gill at the University of Bristol, one of the very few female Black academics in Bristol.

We are working closely with the University of Bristol and Festival of Ideas to engage a range of audiences on issues to do with power and privilege in society.

BSWN also has links with Dr Alan Gamlen (DPhil. Oxon), Project Leader of the Oxford Diasporas Programme at Oxford University and Editor in Chief of Migration Studies for the Oxford University Press, and Dr. Nicole Truesdell, Professor of Anthropology and Director of the McNair Scholars program at Beloit College, Wisconsin, who conducted her research on the race politics in the UK.

BSWN seeks to use these academic connections to undertake robust and academically sound research into the issues that face BME communities in the South West and to use this research to inform policy development and operational implementation. Alongside this, BSWN supports the Widening Participation Agenda in Higher Education through involving members of the BME community in its work with the universities, thereby opening further avenues of opportunity for individuals who might otherwise think them out of their reach. This work has a knock on benefit of strengthen the BME sector by increasing the numbers of academically aware and trained individuals within it.