Somali Diaspora Identity Project – Call for Volunteers

‘Nin aan dhul marini dhaayo maleh – He who has not travelled has no understanding.

The Black South West Network is running a project that will be exploring Somali Diaspora experience in Bristol over the last 25 years. The project aims to draw out how Somali identity and the practices of Somali culture and traditions may have changed over the years as a result of living in the UK. The results of this will be developed into an exhibition at the MShed and series of radio programmes on BCfm. The idea is that all people can then engage with and develop their knowledge of the Somali community in Bristol, which will engender a sense of understanding across communities.

This project will honour the Somali oral tradition by recording interviews with members of all age groups in our community to capture the memories, thoughts and views of the Somali community in Bristol. Through these conversations, the project will examine key themes of Somali heritage and cultural identity to understand what it means to be a Somali and Bristolian/British.

The project is seeking to recruit 12 volunteers from the Somali community to become our interviewers. Ideally, we would like to recruit volunteers from each of the following age groups with a 50:50 gender split:

  1. 18 – 34 (2 women and 2 men)
  2. 35 – 50 (2 women and 2 men)
  3. 50+ (2 women and 2 men)

We will provide the volunteers with BBC recognized radio interviewing and editing training through our partner BCfm. Each interviewer will then identify 4 people to interview about their experiences of being a member of the Somali Diaspora in Bristol. The interviews will be edited and used alongside personal artefacts, video footage, and interactive heritage exhibits, as key elements of a year-long exhibition on the Somali community in Bristol at the MShed, which will be launched at the 2016 Somali Festival. They will also be used as features in 12 hour long radio programmes about the Somali Diaspora experience in Bristol broadcast on BCfm over the course of 2016-2017. The interviews and radio programmes will be conducted primarily in English to ensure other communities can engage with them and, as a result of this project, the whole of Bristol can learn of Somali culture through Somalis’ own words.

‘Af jooga looma adeego – Do not serve for a mouth that is present (i.e. one should not speak on behalf of a person who is present).


If you are interested in being one of our Volunteer Interviewers please contact Matt Jacobs on matt.v.jacobs@gmail.com or telephone: 07984 174 381

Volunteer travel and subsistence expenses will be paid for by the project.


One Response to Volunteers

  1. Ruth seaton says:

    Hi Sado

    My name is Ruth and I am interested in volunteering for your project I’m over 30. My number is 07769189672

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